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Alpha: The Ypres Months

by Returning We Hear the Larks

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Intro 00:46
[C. Gengler] It's about to come It will consume you You will fall You will break But you'll see the end of days Pray to your god, pray Get on your knees and pray for your God [J. Noble] The world falls to its knees An incureable hybrid disease Death-tolls soar as governments fall Mankind witnesses the end of all Your kingdom will burn to the ground Your kingdom will burn to the ground before your eyes [C. Gengler] Watch as this crimson sky turns black From all the ash from these burning trees Watch as this world will decay Why can't you see, why can't you hear? Because of all these ashes Falling down from the heavens Can't you hear? No-one can hear you scream anymore [J. Noble] Mankind, a world in ashes Civilisation no more Starving parents gut their children Desperate for their flesh and organs All the years of human progress Life on Earth eaten from the inside Butcher the weak, mutilate the afflicted Feed on your brothers just to survive
World! Everything now, a shade of grey Lost its magic, ain't it tragic? Regurgitate and hit replay Automatic gimick addict Innocence didn't last a day Dirty habit, naughty rabbit Watch the world as it rots away Filthy maggots chew and mash it Insides worn out, patch the leak again New age burn-out, wasted lives away Thieves' lies caught out, broken dreams replay Progress in doubt, corporation games rot the world away The world may end in flames to be rebuilt again Despite the death and pain, the fools would rule the same This mangled, rotting world will sink into the sea And in its place shall rise... This mangled, rotting world will sink into the sea And in its place shall rise... This mangled, rotting...
Unbreakable 04:04
I hear them calling The damned are calling from this hell on Earth Their voices flooding my ears I hear them calling Their voices flooding my ears from this hell on Earth I sit back, watching above Sacrifice would mean relief from these times We all hold the power to trust and have faith in ourselves But just like a coward we flee from our hearts Now is the time to believe in yourself Have no fear how others think of you or will judge you For your greatness will silence them all Unbreakable Now is the time, to believe Now is the time (together) Now is the time to believe Unbreakable Immortal
Alpha 03:41
Obzen 04:25
A state of perfection, immersed in filth Equilibrium obtained Pure in devotion to all things unwell This sweet zen of our ill condition sustained A new belief-system Salvation found in vomit and blood Where deprivation, lies Corruption, war and pain is god Balance Harmony found in the sickly, the vile Unflinching eyes, joyous and gleeming Intense in their need to watch things die Decay, disgrace, disgust - our state of zen The grime of contempt and degeneration, Sticky, foul and pungent The sediment of our creation We flourish in this bloodred soil
Asphyxia 02:41
Eli Sunday 03:27
Immolation 03:45
Fear strikes the world as dumb as the Watchmen The end is nigh Families gather in prayer Looters line the streets ready for hell They kneel in prayer with God as their witness (Tomorrow) will be the last day of humankind’s existence Now they can plainly see 2012 AD Nibiru calling me A heavy darkness spreads across the world Our doomsday here for all to see The soundtrack to the apocalypse will be grindcore Black Death begins to spread Mothers and children dead They kneel in prayer with God as their witness Tomorrow will be the last day of humankind’s existence The apocalypse upon us We will be judged on our sins On our sins The apocalypse upon us Armageddon watches from above Everyone’s dead outside It’s a global genocide Parents start to kill and eat their young in search of food Humans turn their weapons on themselves and earth is renewed All life slaughtered by the power of the gods The fallen angels begin to descend No more shall mankind dominate the earth Nephilim begin their reign on blood and bone Blood and bone


This album is a compilation of tracks written and/or recorded by me in the last 10 months. I would consider them 'b-sides' to Ypres.

Artwork once again by the brilliant Jason Karavokiris at www.behance.net/jasonkaravokiris


released October 4, 2010

Artwork by Jason Karavokiris

Tracks 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 composed by Jak Noble between January and October 2010.
Track 11 composed by Jak Noble between May and July 2006.
Track 3 composed by Zach Norman
Track 4 composed by Brandon Butler/Veil of Maya
Track 7 composed by Martin Hagström/Meshuggah

Lyrics for track 2 written by Chris Gengler and Jak Noble
Lyrics for track 3 written by the Bard of Blasphemy

Main vocals on track 2 performed by Chris Gengler
All guitars on track 3 performed by Zach Norman
All vocals on track 3 performed by the Bard of Blasphemy

Track 3 mixed by Zach Norman

Sample on track 1 taken from 'FullMetal Alchemist'
Samples on track 11 taken from 'N64 Kid', 'Black Man Angry at Toys R Us', 'Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood', 'The Shining' and 'Fallout 3: Ronald the Assaulter'


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Returning We Hear the Larks Bristol, UK

Returning We Hear the Larks is the progressive metal solo project of Jack Noble, from Bristol, England.

'A bloody fantastic slice of British metal.'
- Heavy Blog is Heavy

'Miss out on this one at your own peril. 666 out of 6.'
- The Number of the Blog
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