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Before Copyright Became an Issue

by MurderOnTheDancefloor

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This is a compilation of demos that I put together a few years back. It's all of the MOTD stuff recorded that didn't make it to the E.P.
Because it spans 2 years, the style changes throughout. I experimented with genres ranging from Trance to Grindcore on this.
Also because of the span, the quality changes during the album. A lot of the inspiration for these songs came from the bad start I had to 2008.
The album is named as it is because there are a few covers and uncleared samples, ect. I don't plan to keep this album up for long, but we'll see.


released March 1, 2008

Tracks 1-4 and 6-11 written by Jak Noble between January 2007 and March 2008.
Track 5 written by Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. Originally recorded by Gwen Stefani.
Track 12 written and originally recorded by Bring Me the Horizon.
Track 13 written and originally recorded by 36 CrazyFists. Acoustic rendition by Jak Noble.




Returning We Hear the Larks Bristol, UK

Returning We Hear the Larks is the progressive metal solo project of Jack Noble, from Bristol, England.

'A bloody fantastic slice of British metal.'
- Heavy Blog is Heavy

'Miss out on this one at your own peril. 666 out of 6.'
- The Number of the Blog
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Track Name: A Spitroast With Colin
8 weeks, I waited 8 long weeks for you
Not coming back, you're not coming back are you?
Why do you taunt me and tell me you do
Feel the same about me now as you said you always would?
I've seen you walking around town with another maggot
I hope you know that all my friends think he's a f*cking f*ggot
You've got no business here so why don't you just f*ck off?
I can't contain, contain any longer.

[I promised myself I'd never reveal the second verse to anyone]
Track Name: Break My Heart: I'm a Masochist
3 days, 3 days is all it took her
3 days is all it f*cking took

Burn that f*cking c*nt

You don't deserve a f*cking pussy, I'll rip it to shreds if I get the chance again
Take it like the slut you are
Track Name: Betrayal
Blood flowing from the inside, I need it just to feel alive
Warming on my numb skin, I can't stop trembling

You whore, you betrayed me, after all the sh*t you did
You had to f*cking kill me, you had to finish it

I would advise you say goodbye but they don't give a shit now
I'll taste your flesh tonight and no-one f*cking cares

Blood flowing from the inside, I need it just to feel revenge
Warming on your cold hands, why won't you stop bleeding?
Track Name: Hollaback Girl
[Gwen Stefani cover]
Track Name: Last Words
I hope these lyrics make you cry
Light a fire inside my mind to burn away this desire
I hope you scream and bleed
Because what's right for you is right for me
Can't you see?

I am a machine
Bleed for me

I hope this song makes you die
Track Name: Laid to Waste (Beneath the Tree That Bore Us)
Lies spewed from your mouth and f*cking eyes
You're all deceitful bitches, no more will I be tormented

My confiding in your mind was nothing but innocence
Fear is rising of what you know and what you plan on hiding

Just one more day of this torment until I can find my bliss: it's in your blood

Tonight I will paint this town red, I will feast on your prying eyes

Hammer to the skull, you will feel my pain
Track Name: Coerced
Waking up to madness, every day the same
Always fear her malice, this is not what I believed

Burden, do you see what you're doing to my life?
I'm slowly dying with every breath you take
A spark within me, you catalyse this war
In her world, I am the pig

Growing within me, the beast will be set free
Burning beneath my skin, she lives
Track Name: The Return of Man-Bear-Pig
Protect the children, he's in your town
But do not fear, Al Gore is here

Pig, ManBearPig, ManBearPig, here to destroy us
Where's your Al Gore now?
Track Name: Re: They Have No Reflections
[Bring Me the Horizon cover]
Track Name: Slit-Wrist Theory
[36 CrazyFists cover]
Track Name: Hollaback Gurl [2011 Remake, ft. SpiralMountain] [Bonus Track]
[Gwen Stefani cover]