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Ypres Incarnate

by Returning We Hear the Larks

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    releases March 31, 2017

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To Loved Ones Lost
Ad Majorem dei Gloriam
Divine Misanthropy


In 2009, I visited Ypres, Belgium, and was deeply affected by the scars left there from the First World War. This visit inspired me to begin Returning We Hear the Larks. Before the final version of my debut album "Ypres" was imagined, and entirely different album was written. "Ypres Incarnate" is a project devoted to fully realising these early Larks songs, originally written after my visit to the battlefields of the Great War.

All the songs within were written between 2008 - 2010. I began revisit and build upon these last year, culminating in this EP. Follow the link on each track above for a brief insight into the songs.


releases March 31, 2017

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Jack Noble.
Composed 2008 - 2010.
Lyrics written 2016 - 2017.
Recorded and produced 2016 - 2017.
Artwork by Jack Noble.



all rights reserved


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Returning We Hear the Larks Bristol, UK

Returning We Hear the Larks is the progressive metal solo project of Jack Noble, from Bristol, England.

'A bloody fantastic slice of British metal.'
- Heavy Blog is Heavy

'Miss out on this one at your own peril. 666 out of 6.'
- The Number of the Blog
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Track Name: Obliteration
The death of a generation
Destined to starve in frost and blood
The unprecedented slaughter
Millions of bodies upon the mud
Blindly led into a war
Unlike anything mankind has seen before
Entire populations laid to waste
Death on a scale never seen again

Gatling rounds whistle through the air
The angels of death cutting down men
Screams of agony numb to all hear
A thousand more to die by the minute
And nobody prays for us

The stench of blood and death
Carries heavy through the blackened air
As corpses start to turn
The flesh of the living meets the same fate
Barely a day or night
No sun is seen beyond the smog
A horizon of hell
Death is the only salvation

The entire lives of mere children
Snuffed out, so silently cold
As gunshots whistle between them
Ending everything met by the barrel
An incomprehensible landscape
As bodies collapse and flesh rains
So valiant, they came in their millions
Unmarked now they rot where they fell

There is no god here